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There are many options for recording a 15 minute presentation and making it accessible via a web-link. See the three options further below.

After you make the file, you will have to create a web-link, such as by posting in on a YouTube channel (or email your file to kanellal@uww.edu and we'll post in on ours temporarily).

The link to your presentation plus a digital photo of you or the related subject matter is due by Wednesday, Oct 20, midnight to Leda Kanellakou at kanellal@uww.edu. 

Also note, all virtual conference content will be deleted by the end of the conference day, 5pm.

Zoom. This option will allow you to record your presentation as well as a small visual thumbnail of yourself.  While in an active Zoom meeting unattended by other individuals, share your screen and preferred presentation platform (PowerPoint, Prezi, Google Slides, etc.).  In the control taskbar, click ‘More’ and then ‘Record on This Computer.’ Your meeting will begin recording immediately. Once you are done presenting, end the Zoom meeting. Automatically, an mp4 video file will be created and saved to your computer.

QuickTime Player. This option will allow you to record a video of your presentation with your audio narration in the background. Open QuickTime Player and under File, select ‘New Screen Recording.’ Click anywhere on your desktop and the recording will automatically begin. Using your preferred platform (PowerPoint, Prezi, Google Slides, etc.) give your presentation. Once you are done presenting, stop the recording and a .mov file will open up. Save this file to your desktop.

Microsoft Teams. On opening Teams, select the Meet Now option. In the meeting space menu, there is a Share Content option that allows you to select your presentation window (Prezi, Google Slides, Powerpoint, etc.) and it will move to show that window with a red frame around it. The meeting window should still be open, albeit smaller. Click on the meeting window and select the three-dot icon, and beyond midway down there is the start recording option. Teams notifies you that the meeting is being recorded. At the end of your presentation, go back within the three-dot icon and select stop recording, then stop sharing content, and finally leave meeting. In the window it will identify that the video is processing and is saved in Microsoft Teams. Once it is processed, it will show the video being available and on the right side of that is the three-dot, which allows you to open Teams to reach the video (this can also be reached from the far left-hand menu under the three-dot icon or wait to receive the email that the video is ready, which is hotlinked). When in Microsoft Teams again choose this three-dot option and when it opens it provides you the option to download video, which will save to your hard drive.