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First Place: Taryn Wield, UW-Stevens Point
Paper Title: Reproductive Coercion Among Latinas in the United States
Faculty Advisor: Maggie Bohm-Jordan
Second Place: Justin Weyenberg, UW-Stevens Point
Paper Title: Investigating Intrinsic and Extrinsic Dimensions of World Citizenship
Faculty Advisor: David Barry
Third Place: Riley Erickson, Ripon College
Paper Title: ’Feel Better Soon:’ An Analysis on the McDonaldization of Healthcare
Faculty Advisor: Marc Eaton

First Place: Abigail L. Bishop, UW-La Crosse
Paper Title: Access to Mental Health Care and World-Systems Status
Faculty Advisor: Carol D. Miller
Second Place: Patrick Hoffman, Ripon College
Paper Title: Expertly Inked: Professional Self-Construction in Tattoo Artists
Faculty Advisor: Jacqueline Clark
Third Place: Katy Gust, UW-Madison
Paper Title: “Aging Around the World

First Place: Kristin Reque, UW-La Crosse
Paper Title: A Need for Needles: A Qualitative Examination of La Crosse County Injection Drug Use and Harm Reduction Strategies
Faculty Advisor: Laurie Cooper Stoll and Nicholas Bakken
Second Place: Leah Foltman, UW-La Crosse
Paper Title: Millennials’ Social Class of Origin, Mastery, and Depression Symptoms
Faculty Advisor: Dawn Norris and Jessica Thrill
Third Place: Mallory Krumrei, Ripon College
Paper Title: Sugar, Spice, And Everything Nice: Using Femininity As A Business Strategy
Faculty Advisor: Marc Eaton

First Place: Nicholas Theis, UW-La Crosse
Paper Title:
Faculty Advisor: Ray Black, Jr.
Second Place: Cody Reh, UW-River Falls
Paper Title:
Faculty Advisor: Paige Miller
Third Place: Bryan Richmond, UW-Stevens Point
Paper Title: Back to the Earth: Green Burial Practices and Contemporary Christianity in the United States
Faculty Advisor: David Barry

First Place: Holly Kortemeier, Ripon College
Paper Title: Pupils to Peers: Socializing Graduate Students into the Counseling Profession
Faculty Advisor: Jacqueline Clark
Second Place: Christina Nelson, Marquette University
Paper Title : It’s a Game of Survival in the Hood, Especially for a Black Man”: Influence of Masculinity on African American Men’s Health
Faculty Advisor: Angelique Harris
Third Place: Kyle Novack, Ripon College
Paper Title: “There’s a Future Inmate”: How Ciminals and Potential Criminals are Otherized by Law Enforcement Officals
Faculty Advisor: Jacqueline Clark

First Place: Amanda Detlor, Ripon College
Paper Title: Workin' it Out: Bodily Discipline at the Gym
Second Place: Lizabeth Remrey, UW-LaCrosse
Paper Title: Correlates of Early vs. Late Onset Criminality: A Life-Course and Self-Control Theory Analysis​
Third Place: Kevin Carli, Ripon College
Paper Title: Negotiation at its Finest: Stigma Management Techniques of a Car Dealership

First Place: Samuel Carbajal, Ripon College
Paper Title: Come at Me, Bro! Doing Masculinity Through Player-Identitity Composition, Dominance, and Sexualization in a Magic: The Gathering Gaming Club
Second Place: Jena Roscizewski, Ripon College
Paper Title: Kennel Confessions: The Creation of Fictive Kin Among Animal Shelter Employees
Third Place: Diana Mantey, UW-Whitewater
Paper Title: Shortchanged Boys: Restrictions in Educational Literacy and Its Effects on Young Males

First Place: Kelsea Groves, UW-La Crosse
Paper Title: Graffiti in Hong Kong: Territorially, Claim, and Use of Interactional Space Through Graffiti
Second Place: Timothy O'Keefe, UW-La Crosse
Paper Title: Differential School District Funding and Student Achievement Among Fourth Graders in Wisconsin.
Third Place: Spencer Lameka, Ripon College
Paper Title: Food Pantries: The Stigmatizing Effects of Bureaucracies.

First Place: Ethan Rogers, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
Paper Title: Substance Abuse and Risk Behavior among High School Students: A Partial Test of the Ecological Risk
Second Place: Molly Boss, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
Paper Title: The Importance of "My Wife and Kids" to the Desistance Process

First Place: Elizabeth Plombon, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
Paper Title: Factors Affecting Pro-Environmental Attitudes
Second Place: Colin Pierson, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
Paper Title: Gender Difference in Cyberbully Perpetration
Third Place: Maria Katerina Sarantakis, Carthage College
Paper Title: Aging Millennials: Predictions on the Progression of Public Policy Regarding Same-Sex Civil Liberties
Honorable Mention: Kristin Franseen, UW-Whitewater
Gender "Normative" Privilege in Feminist and LGB Communities

First Place: Miguel Alvelo-Rivera, Northland College
Paper Title: Social Movement Spillover: From Puerto Rican Nationalism to the Environmental Movement
Second Place: Daniel Scott, University of Wisconsin-River Falls
Paper Title: Firearm Involvement Influences on the Recidivism of Gang Members Compared to Non-Gang Members

First Place: Alex Thompson, University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse
Paper Title: Your Femme Self: Framing Heterosexual Cross-Dressing
Second Place: Josh Lambert, University of Wisconsin-River Falls
Paper Title: Transition Experiences into Graduate School Programs: A Qualitative Study of McNair Scholars Program Alumni
Third Place: Aaron Hoffer, Carroll College
Paper Title: Why the Marxian Revolution Never Came to Fruition: In the United States

Two First Place Winners:
First Place: Carolina Calvillo, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Paper Title: Blocked Social Mobility: Barriers To Job Advancement Among Immigrant Workers In North Carolina's Construction Industry
First Place: Courtney Luedke, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Paper Title: The Human Costs Of Attaining The Emerging Immigrant Dream: A Sociological Analysis Of Immigrant Workers In North Carolina
Second Place: David Haecker, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Paper Title: Crossing the Line Between Entertainment and Reality: A Sociological Analysis of Collective Behavior in Professional Wrestling
Two Third Place Winners:
Third Place : Samantha Raduechel, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Paper Title: Beliefs about Immigrants in Black and White
Third Place: Joel Meehl, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Paper Title: Personal Perspectives of Native Residents of the Fox Valley in Wisconsin are Promoting Tolerance and Togetherness as Racial Diversity Increases

First Place: Justin Ellis, University of Wisconsin-River Falls
Paper Title: Neutralization Techniques used by Urban Explorers
Second Place: ​Emily Norlander, Carthage
Paper Title: Attitudes Toward Women in Leadership Roles in Religion
Third Place: David Haecker, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Paper Title: Crossing the Line between Entertainment and Reality

Previous Award Winners

Previous Award Winners