Sociological Imagination, our peer-reviewed journal seeks submission for an upcoming special issue:

          "The Changing Face of Poverty in Post-Recession America”

Scheduled for Fall 2020 publication, this issue welcomes articles on topics which include (but are not limited to):

Manuscripts having a sociological orientation, or focusing on changes taking place during or after the Great Recession, will be given particular priority. Please direct questions to Michael Friedson, Guest Editor using the form below (or direct email to

(1) the demographics of poverty, especially as it relates to its key correlates, such as race and educational attainment;

(2) the spatial concentration of poverty in cities and neighborhoods;

(3) the intergenerational transmission of poverty in families or communities; 

(4) the relationship of poverty to crime, victimization, incarceration, or other types of involvement with the criminal justice system; or

(5) key sequelae of poverty, including increased risk of health problems and premature mortality.


To stimulate discussion, encourage research, improve instruction, and promote local to international interdisciplinary collaboration.

 Call for Papers